Studio-BIOS is a design consultancy based in Northamptonshire, England. Our experience has been gained over many years in the field of international motorsports, designing and manufacturing successful racing cars, components and support equipment. Studio-BIOS is working to apply these skills and techniques to a wider market.

Our aim is to provide visually appealing, functional, versatile and competitive products of robust quality.

Pitch POD meets these objectives while presenting individal clients with a choice of subtle variations designed to give the product a unique appearance, whilst retaining its proven, fundamental elements.

Studio-BIOS offers comprehensive design, artwork and technical support to customise Pitch POD and satisfy our Client’s specific requirements.    

Studio-BIOS practices an ethical, pragmatic and realistic approach to business. We relish a challenge and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.


Pitch POD has been born out of a proven Studio-BIOS design and manufacturing project. Our brief was to produce easily assembled, portable and weatherproof Timing Stands to display the live data and television pictures that are supplied to the pit wall at international motor racing events. The resulting Timing Stand provides a comfortable work environment from which race engineers and team managers can analyse vehicle performance and develop their race strategies.

Studio-BIOS believes that all designs can be aesthetically pleasing, should satisfy more than their fundamental design criteria, yet remain functional, without compromising the objectives of the exercise.

Whilst the product could have been a purely functional tool for data management, Studio-BIOS recognised that the Timing Stand had potential in commercial applications as a promotional module for use in public spaces and at major events. With these commercial aims in mind, the Timing Stand was designed to take full advantage of its intended location and present a highly visible presence to promote each team's identity and provide increased exposure for their Sponsors.

The final design achieved all of these artistic goals as well as providing team personnel with total access, in comfort, to a comprehensive and adjustable data display, complete with all round weather protection.

The Pitch POD Timing Stands have proved their appeal and durability and are now in their third season of rigorous use throughout the race tracks of Europe.