Technical Data


is a versatile promotional tool. Its modular design allows it to be customised to your specific requirements. This highly visible Stand, offers a broad choice of Branding options with an extensive colour range.

Its robust construction makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. can be customised to incorporate a variety of media screen cases, desktops, shelving, drawers, cabinets, document pockets and external display panels.


Basebox:                                             W: 2460 mm x D: 780 mm x H: 450 mm    
Aluminium section with honeycomb panels, ‘cricket weave’ tread plate on Lid upper surface and black Dibond panelling on 4 sides.  4 x Pull-out Handles.  8 x Flush fit twist-lock Lid Latches.  
4 x Removable Castor Wheels, 2 x braked.  8 x Adjustable Footpads M16 x 80 mm dia.
Internal Shelf for storage of Windows & Panels.  2 x HD Storage Bags for Roof, Windows & Panels.
s Structural elements, including, Roof, Desktop, Windows & Panels, fit inside Basebox for transportation. Overall Weight:  225 kgs

Structure:                                            W: 2340 mm x H: 2780 mm
50 mm OD aluminium main sections with rectangular cross beams, clear anodised to 15mu for outdoor use.  Can be assembled in under 30 minutes.     

Roof Structure:                                  W: 2410 x D: 1630 mm
2 x End Panels in aluminium honeycomb. 4 x Aluminium Cross-Beams.  Located by steel spigots & sliders.
1 x Roof Panel:  Water Proof / Heavy Duty / Flame Retardant UV stable fabric.

Windows & Panels:                           Front: 2255 mm x 615 mm   Side: 830 mm x 435 mm & 1045 mm x 380 mm      
5 piece Acrylic 6 mm 9T04 Bronze tint.  Choice of colours available.  2 piece Foamex 6 mm Black or White.

Styling End Panels:  2 x S.316 x 16swg ‘Satin finish’ Panels.

Security Mountings:  4 x Eye Bolts: 30 mm ID Forged steel, adjustable positioning

Media Screen Case Mounting:       Height range: Internal:  930 mm – 1940 mm.  External:  1370 mm – 2300 mm
Viewing angle:  80 – 90 degrees.  Viewing direction:  Inwards or outwards.
4 x Adjustable Mounting Brackets in aluminium, clear anodised.

Desktop:  Lightweight aluminium honeycomb panel, with durable work surface inlay in black ABS.

Seating:                                              Height range: Internal:  540 mm – 755 mm
3 x Contoured upholstered Seat, gas strut.  Polished chrome Sleeve & integral Footrest. S/steel support Post.

Weatherproof Curtain: 3 piece WP / HD / FR UV stable Black fabric.  2 x Side Panels & 1 x Rear Panel.
3 x ‘Window’ Panels in ‘Smoke’ tint. HD Zips. Rolls upwards into Roof. Easily fitted & removable. 

Branding Options: Digital UV solvent proof Printing: 1 x Roof panel fabric, 2 x Front Panels, both sides.
See through one-way ‘Contra Vision’: 1 x Front window, 4 x side windows.
Vinyl Graphics (5 yr spec): Basebox, Windows, Front Panels, Roof End Panels & Styling Panels.

Pro-Media Screen Cases:                W: 2160 mm x H: 415 mm x D: 180 mm Upper Case / 156 mm Lower Case 
Aluminium section with Aluminium & ABS honeycomb panels.  6 x Flush fit twist-lock Latches.  Maximum of 6 x 19” LCD, PC compatible, HDTV’s.  Electrical Inputs / Outputs / Cables / Switchgear to IP68.  RCD & CB protected circuitry, MIL spec’ wiring.  2 x 5A Power Outlets.  LSNH coaxial cabling, 48dBmV Broadband Amplifier.